About the Lift Inverter Bar


The concept of the Lift Inverter Bar came about due to the frustration with the inefficiencies and safety concers with the traditional manner when handling cable drums.

The concept and design is Patented (AU Patent No: 2017381401, 2019 / PCT/AU2017/051416) (See below for more patent information) and custom manufacturing has commenced.

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The Inventor

Lloyd Roots 298x300Lloyd Roots commenced work as an apprentice plumber, then training as a gas fitter, working in different mines and on construction sites in different states of Australia. Further training saw him qualify in fitting/machining and welding, also in the mining industry. His fitting work saw him working in different states around Australia and offshore within the oil industry.

Lloyd is currently working as a preservation supervisor on an LNG processing plant in Darwin NT.

Lloyd has always had a keen interest in inventing tools and equipment to improve daily tasks in his wide variety of jobs over the years.



  • EASE OF USABILITY across multiple crane sizes
  • Great for REMOTE FIELD USE
  • COST EFFICIENT for all cable drum management
  • Customisable to SUPPORT ANY SIZE DRUM
  • EASY TO OPERATE lift Inverter Bar
  • EFFICIENTLY MANOEUVRE all cable drums

What do our customers say?


"The development of the Lift Inverter Bar has finally given the construction industry and cable manufacturers a much safer and easier way to handle cable reels which in the past has been time consuming and hazardous to personnel involved in handling those reels.

The Lift Inverter Bar makes it extremely easy to handle the reels and eliminates the hazards that were inherent in the way we used to handle cable reels.

I have experienced many game changers in the crane and rigging world over my 35 years in our industry when it comes to rigging gear and the Lift Inverter Bar is definitely the next one! I have personally witnessed the use of the Lift Inverter Bar on the job and highly recommend that you consider using it on your work site!

Scotty Likwartz - KBR Heavy Lift Specialist



The LIB is covered by the following Patents

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