What material is the lift inverter made from?

All materials are high strength alloy steels as per engineering calculations and design standards.

How much does the lift inverter bar weigh?

A lift inverter bar’s weight can vary from 100kg to 200-300kg depending on its size and the weight it has to lift.

How big does the crane need to be to use the lift inverter bar?

Depending on what size and weight the cable drum is, small pick and carry cranes to large hydraulic cranes can be used.

What size cable drums does the lift inverter work for?

Any size cable drums, the inverter bar can be engineered and made to suit any cable drum.

Can you get different sized lift inverter bars

Yes, inverter bars can be made in many different sizes, however, industry can usually use a single inverter bar for 1 to 6 tonne cable drums and another for 6 to 13 tonne cable drums. Larger again if required.

How many accessories are there?

The patent comes with approximately 15 other concept drawings however there are many other ideas that can be used with this design.